A Whisker Away


Screenings Yokai Japanese with Czech subtitles, 104m

Friday 5. 5. 2023 22:00–00:00

Saturday 6. 5. 2023 10:30–12:30
E0, stage

Sunday 7. 5. 2023 09:00–11:00
Hall E4

I found a magic spell to be with you...
Free-spirited middle school girl Miyo Sasaki is known to her classmates as Muge
(Short for Mugen Dai-Nazo Ningen, the Infinite Mystery Girl). At home and at school, she's cheerful and full of energy. She's head-over-heels in love with her classmate Kento Hinode, and repeatedly trying to get his attention, but he's not interested at all. But she has a secret reason why she hasn't given up, a reason she can't share with anyone...
She's found a way to be with her beloved Kento: she can turn into a cat.
When she's a human, he stays away from her, but when she's a cat, he's glad to be around her. But the more time she spends as a cat, the more the boundaries between human and cat begin to blur...
She wants to stay with him forever. But if she does, she'll never be able to go back to being herself...
A fantastical story about growing up, seen through feline eyes.

About Showing

Director: Junichi Sato
Screenplay: Mari Okada
Music: Mina Kubota
Copyright: ©MUGE Production Committee