Recovery of an MMO Junkie


Recovery of an MMO Junkie
Screenings English 2x25 minut

Friday 24. 5. 2019 22:00–23:00
Hall A (KC)

Saturday 25. 5. 2019 14:30–15:30
Hall B (KC)

Sunday 26. 5. 2019 00:00–01:00
A2, main stage

30-year-old Moriko is single and recently became a NEET after quitting her corporate job. Tired of the real world, she decides to reinvent herself as a handsome male character on the internet. 

About Showing

Director: Kazuyoshi Yaginuma
Screenplay: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Music: Conisch
Production: Signal.MD, 2017
Copyright: ©Kokuyorin/comico/Recovery of an MMO Junkie Project