Godzilla, just a rubber monster, right?

Godzilla, just a rubber monster, right?

Saturday 25. 5. 2019 16:00–17:00
Hall B (KC)

Have you ever wonders what makes the Godzilla roar sound? Who made it? Or maybe, how many movies were made? Or, why is the first movie different than the others, and what it meant to the Japanese nation?
Come over and I'll try to answer these and other questions and maybe convince you to watch a Godzilla movie or two.


Piotr Lewandowski

I'm a Software Engineer, a hobbyist photographer. I'm also interested in Japanese Culture since the late nineties (I even organized a few early conventions in Poland) and I've been watching Godzilla since early nineties. It has fascinated me as a cultural phenomenon of sorts, since that day.