Collecting shards

16. 5. 2019

Collecting shards allows you to buy unique rewards which cannot be obtained otherwise – all you need to do is visit the booth Factions and shards on the ground floor of hall A2 and exchange shards for the faction buttons or stickers.

Where can I get shards?
By participating in con activities:

Shards are collected for your visitor QR code, which is a part of your ticket. It’s sufficient to save it as a picture or 8-character shortened code in your phone, tablet or carry it with you. The best way is saving it on the Animefest website or app (see below).

Shards are awarded by presentation curators, workshop organisers or game administrators. Voting in Animefest contests polls grants you shards automatically.

How do I check how many shards have I collected?
Insert your ticket’s QR code (or the 8-character shortened code) in the Animefest website:
or into the Animefest mobile app (section Profile)
where after choosing faction the collected shards and short description of their origin will be displayed.

Faction battle
Collected shards are also counted towards the total score of the individual factions which are competing against one another for the victory of this year’s Animefest. Purchasing faction rewards doesn't take the points away from your faction.

Four visitors who collect the most shards for their factions (one for each faction) will leave the Sunday's Animefest Closing in the Rotunda hall with legendary rewards.