Artist Alley 2019, registration

21. 1. 2019

What is Artist Alley?

Artist Alley is a place dedicated to the promotion of visual artists. The participants of Artist Alley have the opportunity to draw directly at our convention, meet their fans and to gain valuable experience in the process. Every attendant will receive a fully equipped booth where he can sell merchandise with his own art, usual products range from prints to buttons and much more.

Useful Information

How to enroll?

To enroll please, fill out this form:

Since the capacity of Artist Alley is limited, we may only pick several people based on the quality of their work. The fee for one booth is CZK 700 (EUR 27). Buying an Artist Alley booth includes free entry for the convention.

As an Artist Alley attendant, you are also agreeing to respect the Animefest rules. Breaking these rules might lead to expulsion from the booth without any refund of the original booth price.

Feel free to send in your enrollments till 17th of February. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via