About Animefest


Convention rules

Animefest is a cultural event just like any convention, that is why we would be really happy, if attendees could act accordingly and follow our rules. The venues are the premises of the Brno Exhibition Center and the TJ Sokol gym. Animefest is organized by Brněnští otaku association, you can find contact information for the responsible persons (hereinafter organizers) here. Directly on the site the event will be organized by a larger group of people designated as organizers.

  1. The visitor is aware that by directly violating these rules his visitor‘s bracelet can be removed and he will be forced to leave the event premises.
  2. The visitor agrees to these rules by wearing visitor’s bracelet. Without this agreement he will not be let in on the event.
  3. The visitor is under obligation to wear his bracelet, which he will receive on the entrance, visibly for whole visit on the event area.
  4. Neither Animefest nor one of it’s organizers takes responsibility for any visitors under 15 years of age in the event or any injury or damage they may suffer
  5. Prohibition of consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs in the venue.
  6. Prohibition of smoking in the venue.
  7. Prohibition of entering the premises under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substance.
  8. Prohibition of copying copyrighted material in the event venue.
  9. Prohibiting the connection of your own electrical equipment to the sockets without the permission of the organizers.
  10. Prohibition of the sale of own goods outside the reserved premises. If you want to set up a stand, contact organizators ahead of time before the event. 
  11. The event is organized on premises of cinema and conference halls, where you can’t run, shout and visitors are attending in clean and fresh clothes. Visitors are behaving according to the premises, don’t eat in halls and don’t disturb the programm.
  12. Prohibition of violating the fire regulations (visibly mounted to each site), clogging of stairs and passages.
  13. You can bring weapons or their mock-ups to the festival space only for cosplay purposes. Permitted functional firearms are only category D (eg airsoft) without a stack or with an empty stack with sealed organizers. Cold weapons and dangerous or potentially dangerous props are only allowed in softer designs or as unused fixed costume components. Costume or other accessories to it are allowed only without sharp edges or other potentially dangerous parts. Dangerous handling of weapons means seizing of weapon to gettin excluded from the festival; shooting from fire arms means immediate and permanent exclusion from the festival.
  14. Any lost and found things will be stored in Information Stand area, where you can surrender all lost things. After proving his ownership, the visitor will be able to pick it up.
  15. The visitor is entitled to a preferential entry fee only after registering for the event on (http://prodej.animefest.cz).
  16. The visitor agrees that he will observe the instruction of the organizers (person marked as one) which have the same strenght as these rules and their failure to comply may result in the sanction mentioned in point 1.
  17. The organizers have the right to make audiovisual recordings for the purpose of promotion and report coverage from the festival.
  18. If a visitor doesn’t agree with the orginazer‘s interpretation of the rules, or if he considers that the organizer’s instruction are in the conflict with the rules, he/she has the right to appeal and request the decision of the main organizer on the premises or of the event‘s main organizer. His decision is final.

Additional rules for the gym

  1. It’s forbidden to use any gym equipment unless the organizers expressly allow it, or in any way damage it.
  2. From 22.00 to 7.00 are quiet hours (night’s rest).
  3. Don’t leave your valuables in the gym unattended (you can leave them in cloakrooms).

Additional rules for waste management

Due to the festival getting bigger we introduce sorting of waste not only in BVV outdoors but also in both buildings. Bags for plastic, plastic bottles and beverage cartons will be blue. For communal (mixed) waste, the bags will be black. For paper waste, outdoor containers will be available just like last year, and also for the first time there will be boxes at info stand in CC and at ORGpoint in Rotunda.

All participants are obliged to dispose of the waste properly.

Rules are valid as of November 28, 2017, organizers reserve the right to change and update these rules.