How to collect points

18. 5. 2018

By scanning the QR codes in the app Animefest 2018 (Android) or Animefest (iOS).

By scanning or uploading a scanned QR code at Accessible for phones, tablets, laptops…

By collecting the “+1 bod” paper tickets and bringing them to the “Bodovací stánek” (Scoring booth) in the A2 hall (right next to exit from Rotunda). You can exchange these tickets for unique merch or invest them into an ending of the convention video of your choosing. Here you can also use a terminal to “add” these points to your account at (it’s also possible to create an account here).


Points from the “off-line paper tickets” will be counted only for those who are not simultaneously collecting QR codes.

Where can you find QR codes or paper tickets?

QR codes

“Off-line” paper tickets

Can I obtain points in any other way?

Look around the convention and pay attention to the information panels. We have prepared several surprises, which remain a secret for now.

What if I don’t understand something?

Go visit the booth dedicated to scoring in the hall A2, right next to exit from Rotunda, next to Cosplay zone. We’ll be happy to help you :)

What can I do with the collected points?

Exchange for unique AF merch

At the scoring booth in the hall A2, right next to exit from Rotunda. Come by and your points will be settled. :-)

Invest the points into an ending of the convention video of your choosing

Find the voting areas near the information booths, scoring booth or animefest booth – you’ll find QR codes there which will allow you to invest 1 or 5 points for the ending of your choosing (you can scan them repeatedly). Points will be deducted from your account after confirmation.
If you have only an “off-line” paper ticket, come by the scoring booth!