Artist Alley 2018

8. 1. 2018

What is Artist Alley?

maskotArtist Alley is a space dedicated to the promotion of visual artists. The participants of Artist Alley have the opportunity to create directly at our convention and to gain valuable experience in the process. Each one will receive a fully outfitted booth at their disposal to sell any products of their work ranging from prints to badges and much more.

Useful Information

How to enrol?

Simply send us an e-mail containing the following information:

Since the capacity of Artist Alley is limited, we may only pick several people during the initial round. However, once the selection is announced, the rest will have a chance to compete for paid booths in the second round. Fee for the second round of booths is symbolical CZK 550  with no other selection process. It is simply “first come first served” up to full capacity. Both types of booths include a free entry for the convention.

We have already selected artists for current year. Thank you for your interest.

Feel free to send in your enrollments or any additional questions till 12th of February to