Kei LaVonne (Néant Glass)


Kei LaVonne is a self-taught stained glass artist that founded the internationally renowned Gothic & Lolita accessories brand Néant Glass. Each jewelry piece is handmade by Kei, using traditional Tiffany glass methods, and uses a variety of natural elements including pressed floral, butterfly wings, and natural gemstones. The brand has collaborated with other designers and artists in the global EGL community to create unique wearable pieces of art that harken back to the early days of elegant Gothic Lolita style, and is sold in the prestigious Atelier Pierrot boutiques in Harajuku, Shinjuku, Yokohama, and Osaka, Japan. Néant Glass has been featured in Japanese fashion publications, and since 2019 has travelled to events across the United States to promote the fashion to Japanese culture lovers new and old. Animefest CZ is the brand's long-awaited first ever European appearance.