Team Paraluna

The Netherlands

The Cosplay Contest jury is going to be completed by Team Paraluna – Sophie and Liza, two accomplished cosplayers from the Netherlands.

Thanks to cosplay they've had the amazing opportunity to go to events all over the world. This includes international finals like the World Cosplay Summit, European Cosplay Gathering, ICL, Eurocosplay, Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup and CICAF. Most recently they got the opportunity to represent Netherlands at GICOF in South-Korea.

Their favorite media are video games and they love to cosplay from them. Their costumes vary from elaborate dresses, that involve corsetry and embroidery, to full-body armors. They also love to work with special-effects makeup to bring even the less human-looking characters to life. Cosplay for them is a way to express love for the character, but also a way to challenge themselves to tackle a new, more difficult project each time.