Mistvein is a Belgian cosplayer fascinated by geek culture such as comics, anime and video games. In 2014 he was introduced to the cosplay world, challenging himself to create and entertain ever since.

 Over the years he developed a large skill set for cosplay and the geek community, such as event hosting, acting, armorcrafting and tailoring, electronics and molding and casting. Almost all his costumes are handmade with passion, and he's always ready to dive into a new cosplay challenge.

In the competitive cosplay scene these skills proved their worth, Mistvein has won multiple Belgian competitions and has been the national representative for international cosplay competitions such as Eurocosplay (2017) and Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (2017 & 2019), and finally being crowned Champion at European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) season 9.

Picture: Brice Barrett, Nathan Van Den Berg