Orchid is a doll photographer from Spain.

She started collecting anime PVC figures in 2008 and shortly after that, she fell in love with Volks’ Dollfie Dreams. They are a 1/3 scaled vinyl dolls with endless customization possibilities. 

She has been a doll photographer since 2012 and she loves the fact that you can create your own characters, make them look alive and tell stories through photography.

Her work has been featured here in Animefest as part of Figubo, in the “Phygure” magazine, in “Figlove Photobook” from FPS and also in the recent Ldoll Festival 2018, in which her photo was the main visual for the event. And right now she is working on her very first doll photography book.

You can always find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or the Orchid Dolls website. There you can read about this hobby and learn through her tutorials about dolls and figures photography.