Hellyon White


Paula Biedma, better known as Hellyon White, is a passionate 2D artist. She's worked for a wide variety of clients in all sorts of styles and media, from clothing lines, interior and graphic design to videogames and manga.

Her love for Game Jams has led to winning art awards on every game she's participated in, the most recent one being Talentum Game Jam.

Her character designs and illustrations can be seen on games like Epic Summoners, Clone Evolution, Golden Arcana, and Miguel Olmedo Morell's books' covers, amongst others.

Right now, while working as a cover artist for Games Tribune magazine, she's focusing on working on her personal projects: her manga "Waltz of Veri", and #ESPfoodGijinka, a character design book based on Spanish cuisine, which combines two things she really loves: fashion design and food!

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