Cosplayer since 2013, she took over all the Cosplay contest she could possibly go to, just to be able to perform on stage, and develop her crafting skills as much as she can. She was ECG season 7 solo representative and was the first Belgian cosplayer to make it to the podium by winning 2nd place solo at the finals. She also was representative for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup 2017 where, in duo, they won honorable mention.

Her favorite aspect about cosplay is how different you can look, and she made it her speciality. Cosplay also made her turn in her life as she is now working in the most famous fabric store in Belgium. She also has a YouTube channel where she share her Journey in the cosplay Community, and also tips and tricks.

She has made more than 40 different costumes where she goes from a large range of characters, of all genders, and all types of universes. She sometimes cosplay the most odd characters you would never think of…

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Photo: Kaicom