Natalia Batista


Swedish manga artist, illustrator and comic art teacher at the Comic Art School in Malmö, Sweden.

In 2009 she selfpublished her BL manga A song for Elise as a book, after having it online for about a year at SmackJeeves. She sent the finished book to publishers and Tokyopop in Germany got interested and decided to publish a German version called Ein Lied für Elise in 2010.

Her debut in Sweden came in 2010 with her childrens manga Mjau!, about the two cats Ville and Vanilj. It has also been translated into Portuguese and published in the manga magazine Banzai. In 2017, it was Kickstarted and published by Phoenix Dream Publishing in the US.

She is the creator of Sword Princess Amaltea, a trilogy set in a fairy tale world where the Queens rule and the princesses are sent out to rescue the princes. It was first published in Sweden by Kolik Förlag 2013-2017 and by Nosebleed Studio from 2017 and serialized in the Italian online manga magazine Doraetos Manga in 2014-2017. In 2017, it got signed to TOKYOPOP in the US, Kasaobake in Italy, Zanir in the Czech Republic and PYRAMOND in Germany.

Natalia is a member of the Swedish manga artist collective and publisher Nosebleed Studio.