Shiroku captures her audience with lively Japanese dance-pop-covers, originals or emotional ballads from the latest animes. Since 2006 she performed at over 230 stages in 7 different countries like Lithuania, Finland and England and gathered fans from all over the world like Laos, Japan or Mexico.

Next to the music, her heart belongs to cosplay. With over 250 self tailored costumes, she became the German Representative 2016 of the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya and brought home the best placment Germany ever had (4th place)! She is also representing Germany at ECG 2018. She judged several international cosplay preliminaries (World Cosplay Summit and European Cosplay Gathering) and were invited as a cosplay guest in over 10 countries like USA, Belgium and Netherlands.

She will host workshops on Cosplay performances and Cosplay posing.

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